Unless otherwise stated in your original quotation, my prices for continuing support as follows:

£5 per month - Your site will be maintained as it was written. I will perform basic maintenance: fix things that go wrong with your site where this is possible* within a budget of 4 hours per year. I will provide user statistics on request, and submit your site to search engines regularly when is has been updated. Customer support by ticket system.

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£10 per month - This is my standard maintence package. As above + I will edit your site for you - one update per month. Update means changing text or pictures on one page. I will provide up to 6 hours of maintenance time per year. Customer support by ticket system.

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£15 per month- As above + I will review your site with you every six months and install one new feature on your site such as google maps / social feeds as agreed in your website review. 

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Optional extras:

Please add £5 per month if your site is an e-commerce site. This covers the cost of hosting the shop and ensuring it works. If you require support from me to manage your e-commerce site, please contact me.


I can help you manage your social profles and online presence. Prices start from £5 per month. Please contact me for further details.

Further maintence / installation of new features / training: This will be charged at £15 per hour, minimum charge £20. I can provide a fixed price in advance of any maintenance or upgrade work that you require.

All prices quoted assume you will pay by monthly standing order, for a period of 12 months at a time. Please contact me if you wish to pay annually. These prices are subject to change without notice. All work is covered by my terms and conditions which should be read and understood before any maintenence work or support agreement is entered in to.

If you wish to cancel or downgrade your website support I require a minimum of two months notice.

Please note face to face training on how to use your website it not included beyond any agreed face to face initial consulation meeting.


*Please see my terms and conditions, your site has many different software components running on it and I do not ultimately have control or responsibility if they stop working eg. If Facebook changes their rules and regulations so that their feed to your site is no longer permissible.

"Jon Burdon of Branch Out Websites does what no other seems to be able to do: He listens to your brief and follows it. He gives a time scale and sticks to it. He gives an estimate and stays within it."

- Isobel

Branch Out Websites

I specialise in small, powerful websites on a budget that are ready to expand for any purpose.

You won't be comprimising on quality when you use Branch Out Websites. Also, I'll leave you in control and ready to edit your site yourself.

I'm based in the Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, UK (near Huddersfield, Manchester, Leeds and Bradford) so if you live in that area I can arrange a face to face meeting if needed.

Branch Out Websites is part of Branch Out Enterprises. I teach Chi Running as well!

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