• You provide the content and Branch Out Websites creates your site.
  • 4-6 page site (depending on size of content)
  • Header and Footer customisation
  • Slideshows, maps, twitter feeds etc can be included easily
  • Preview site that you can edit before your site goes live.
  • Social Media buttons.
  • Basic support for editing the site yourself.
  • Extra features can be added
  • Monthly hosting and maintenence charge of £5 upwards

Typical Start Up Price £125 - £175



Fixed Price Option: £155

  • You provide all content including logos and photos in one email
  • A screenshot of the look and feel will be given for approval before work begins. Once approved this cannot be changed.
  • 4 page site 
  • Social Media buttons.
  • Basic support for editing the site yourself.
  • Extra features can be added for a reasonable fee
  • Monthly hosting and maintenence charge of £5 upwards
  • Your finished site can be edited or upgraded easily


Full terms and conditions are here.


Grow your site. Almost anything you can imagine can be added to your site. Examples of enhancement packages include:

  • My Social Feeds: Add social feeds from blogs / twitter / pinterest etc to your website. Service subject to appropriate permissions from third party sites.
  • My Google Maps: to the address page of your site, and add your website to 'Google Places.'
  • My Shop: Add a shop with up to 20 items (powered by Paypal.) Larger shops available on request.
  • My Photos: Show off your photo galleries professionally with a 'Light Box' add on.
  • My Newsletter: Keep in touch with your clients. Either use your own pdf newsletters, or link the (free) Mail Chimp newsletter system to your website.
  • Bespoke site update - make changes to the look and feel of your site.

From £15

This service is suitable for those who want a 'hands on' approach and build their own site and have some previous experience of writing websites or using online services. I will take the pain out of the initial stages of setting up a website. You'll have the comfort of knowing I can step in later and fix things if you require that service.

  • Agree and install a template for your website.
  • Create menus and website page structure.
  • Image upload.
  • Backup tool installed.
  • Initial basic support for editing your site yourself.


Please note, with this service you will be responsible for making your website work! You will need to back up the site regularly. I can not guarantee that I can always diagnose and fix any problem that may occur when you are working on your own site.

"Jon Burdon of Branch Out Websites does what no other seems to be able to do: He listens to your brief and follows it. He gives a time scale and sticks to it. He gives an estimate and stays within it."

- Isobel

Branch Out Websites

I specialise in small, powerful websites on a budget that are ready to expand for any purpose.

You won't be comprimising on quality when you use Branch Out Websites. Also, I'll leave you in control and ready to edit your site yourself.

I'm based in the Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, UK (near Huddersfield, Manchester, Leeds and Bradford) so if you live in that area I can arrange a face to face meeting if needed.

Branch Out Websites is part of Branch Out Enterprises. I teach Chi Running as well!

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