At Branch Out Websites, I aim to support small businesses, charities and community organisations who want a fantastic website on a budget. You won't be lacking in power. Using the joomla content management system I can install virtually any feature you can imagine on your website quickly, meaning the cost stays down. Photo Galleries, Feedback forms, Newsletters, Comment Features ... the sky is the limit. It get's better, though. I can train you very quickly on how to manage the site yourself, although I'll always be there to update your site and support you when needed. I'm based in Holmfirth near Huddersfield which is convenient for face to face meetings if you live nearby (Leeds, Bradford, Manchester and Sheffield are all in easy reach.) Of course, I have written websites for clients based much further afield.

When I first began my business I really had togo it alone re website design and trained myself. This was fine to a point but I could see that I needed some professional help to refine my web presence. I approached Jon of Branch Out Websites and he made me feel I could easily achieve a website of my dreams.

- Nick


Seeds of success - start small and then branch out.

grass.jpgI can design you a website that suits your needs and budget. Unlike a great many website design services, with Branch Out Websites you will get a GOOD website that is actually worth having for a small budget. PLUS you learn how to edit and control your own site. I put you in the driving seat if and when you are comfortable with that.


A website you truly own.


Once you have made your enquiry I'll ask you a few questions, then I prefer to make personal contact. If I have a clear idea of the size of your project I'll be able to help you save money on the things that don't matter as much. I'll provide you with a personal quotation and only include the elements you really need on your website. You won't pay for features you don't want or need.

Once we've agreed  a price I'll set up a staging website so that you can see your site grow before it is live. Any changes can be agreed before the site is visible to the rest of the internet. You'll be able to give input along the way. We'll agree a launch date. If your site has previously been hosted elsewhere your go live date will depend on your previous host transferring the releasing the domain and then it will be live with Branch Out Websites!

All the way through this process you will have contact via email with your designer, and several chances to provide feedback. Don't forget that you will be able to manage your site yourself rather than paying more money for expensive updates.


Carry on growing.


Once your site has been designed, you will be part of the Branch Out family of websites. I do ask that your site is hosted with Branch Out Websites whilst it goes live. This way I can be in full control and make sure everything works that way you want it to.

Hosting your site with Branch Out Websites is free for the first year, and then amazing value. Prices start at £2 a month. Other support packages are available. If you want your site to be supported free for longer, just recommend a friend. If they set up a site with Branch Out Websites, then I'll support your site for another 6 months for free. And you can recommend as many friends as you like!

"Jon Burdon of Branch Out Websites does what no other seems to be able to do: He listens to your brief and follows it. He gives a time scale and sticks to it. He gives an estimate and stays within it."

- Isobel

Branch Out Websites

I specialise in small, powerful websites on a budget that are ready to expand for any purpose.

You won't be comprimising on quality when you use Branch Out Websites. Also, I'll leave you in control and ready to edit your site yourself.

I'm based in the Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, UK (near Huddersfield, Manchester, Leeds and Bradford) so if you live in that area I can arrange a face to face meeting if needed.

Branch Out Websites is part of Branch Out Enterprises. I teach Chi Running as well!

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